Blogging Products and Services to Consider for Upgrading Your Site

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 7, 2023.

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Looking to upgrade your blogging game with a better server, new theme, improved plugins, or 3rd party programs/services? We're here to help!

The following is a selection of products and services that you may want to consider when upgrading your blog. In many cases, these products are those we personally use (or have used) when operating our sites as well as trusted services used and recommended by our colleagues.

Disclosures: No business has paid nor requested to be featured in this guide. Representatives from several of these services have been asked to periodically contribute to This Week in Blogging at our request. Some links below may include affiliate information but some do not. Prices in USD unless otherwise noted. Pricing may have changed since last update.

Servers and Themes

A managed WordPress host with blazing fast servers that offers cost-effective plans starting at $35/month. Shared fast hosting plans at about $6/month for those on a budget.

Reggio Digital
A web development studio that offers additional services for bloggers needing a bit more hands-on assistance. Plans start at $25/month. Custom graphics service available at $99/month.

A lightweight, fully customizable theme that puts site speed as a main priority. ~$50/year.

WordPress Plugins

AdInserter Pro
A plugin offering logic-based widget insertions on your WordPress blog. Free with additional features on pro version for 20 Euro/year.

WP Rocket
A website optimization plug-in that offers lazy load, caching, and more to improve site speed. ~$50/year. Free lazy-load only version available.

Pretty Links Pro
A link cloaking plugin to make your ugly affiliate links pretty. (Note, some services like Amazon do not allow cloaking.) Plans start at $49/year.

A contest program that offers entries in exchange for newsletter signups and other referrals. Free plus several premium options.

Grow by Mediavine
A lightweight social share plugin that is fast and functional. Free or $34/year for premium options.

Ad Networks

Google Adsense
An entry-level ad network to earn money off your page views. Rates tend to be low, but the ad network accepts many sites independent of traffic or demographics.

A private ad network that offers commanding premiums on ad rates. Requires 50,000 unique monthly views plus a strong US-based audience.

3rd Party Programs & Services

A budget-friendly email newsletter service with a number of customization options. Plans start at $10/month.

Virtual Powerhouse
A Pinterest VA to manage your online presence on this social network. Variable pricing based on your needs.

A keyword research tool used to discover search volumes and difficulties for keywords. $169/year. Use KSDISC to take 20% off your order.

A secure password storage service that also helps generate passwords and store documents. $36/year.