5 Reasons Why I Took a Part Time Job Outside of Blogging

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on June 3, 2024.

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We get it, things are weird in blogging right now.

Between the push for AI creations (often at the expense of content creators), changing algorithms, and variable budgets, many bloggers feel the pressure in earnings. We have to admit, we are, too!

One thing we've seen frequently is bloggers considering taking on a part-time job to supplement their income, and after mulling it over, I've decided to jump on board this train and take on extra outside work myself.

In this one, I wanted to share why I decided that after nearly six years of full-time blogging, it was time for me to get back into the workforce by joining another business part-time.

I'm actually not that upset by this choice, really!

Working in My Blog's Niche

Working around Clock

So, you may be wondering, what is the job? Well, I had an opportunity to become a part-time wine sales representative for a local distributor in my state. For those who know me, you may be aware that one of my sites is a wine blog, and I've been aggressively pursuing advanced certifications over the years. (I am presently certified at the WSET Diploma level.)

Part of taking these classes was for fun- I like learning in a structured environment. Part of this was for social proof- only about 15,000 people certified at the Diploma level globally, which opens up many opportunities. But the final reason I pursued such advanced certifications was because I wanted to have it in my back pocket in case blogging ever became unstable as it opens doors to get into the industry if I ever needed to pivot.

Well, if there is any time to start pivoting, it is likely now.

Admittedly, my original idea of getting into wine was perhaps to work at a winery proper (as my background before blogging was chemical engineering). But that would likely require me to relocate, perhaps even for seasonal work, and I am not prepared to do that just yet. But, since my background was also sales, combining my former and current lives resulted in an opportunity to work in wine sales!

To me, this is just an extension of my blogs, and one that I honestly only got the opportunity because of my blogs and not in spite of them. This will increase my knowledge of the industry, help me pursue more certifications (Master of Wine, I'm looking at you), and, of course, hopefully make me a better wine blogger over time, too.

Being More Involved in the Community

Another reason why this particular job is exciting is that I get to be more involved with the restaurant and bar scene locally. I am already actively involved in the city with my Pittsburgh blog, and this opportunity will allow me to network with those in the industry even more.

A chance to do more in our food and beverage scene? Sign me up!

Perhaps this one is similar to the first point of working in my blog's niche, albeit for a separate site, but it feels like a natural extension of what I've been building up over the years. Not necessarily part of that brand, of course, but within the orbit, and that's good enough for me.

Where do I go from there in the future? I'm not sure. But I'd much rather work towards making more connections that could become something later than nothing at all, and if all that comes from it is I just know more people in an industry I love, so be it.

But why am I looking for part-time work at all? We should discuss that more, too.

Financial Stability Opens Up Blogging Freedom

Savings in Piggy Bank

My biggest problem as a blogger is that I have a strong desire to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. I am very reluctant to ever do any work that I do not think is a perfect fit for my brands, and this means I turn down many opportunities even if it means losing a great deal of money.

A business I do not like wants me to call their terrible product the best thing in the city? I just cannot do it. An insurance company wants me for a campaign after laying off 1,000 workers? Hard pass. (This actually happened. I received an email inquiry about three hours before layoffs were announced, and I mentioned it as my primary reason for declining. Probably lost about $5,000 there.)

This extends to most of the comps influencers are offered, too. I turn down virtually all invites, especially any that ask for thousands of dollars in advertising in exchange for a $20 meal. People will say yes to work for free even if I will not.

I'm not about the influencer life, and that's okay!

This, of course, presents a problem as I have to make money by other means. Some years, I can max my 401k and have enough left over for splurges. Others, like during COVID and the flux going on right now, I barely have enough left over at the end of the month to put any money into savings at all.

By taking on a part-time job, I know I will hit a floor in income. That money will immediately go into savings (be it 401k, investments, or cash savings) and remove some financial worries I have while still being able to operate my brands as I see fit. A win-win!

Flexible Hours Suitable to My Life

One of the interesting things I've found about part-time jobs is that the sky is really the limit to what is available.

I've been reading countless stories of other bloggers getting interesting opportunities that they previously couldn't justify as a full-time job because of the pay, limited hours, etc. But with only needing a part-time job to supplement a money-earning business, many of these opportunities may start to make sense.

All of these are true for me, but this job has another benefit that I absolutely need- flexible hours.

I'm not required to be in an office or work fixed hours. In fact, I'm only working on a commission basis, which, in a way, feels more like a new affiliate partnership I'd launch on a blog than conventional work.

When someone calls, I stop what I'm doing, answer immediately, and help out. When I get an email, I jump on it and reply. When I need to meet someone in person, I absolutely will go right away. But the rest of the time? That is mine, and I can still work on my business whenever time allows. In fact, I replied to a few emails while writing this article!

Throw on the fact that the busiest hours for this particular role are often when I hit a wall in blogging and just start watching TV or goofing off, it also optimizes around my schedule remarkably well.

Could I jump into a part-time job that required me to have fixed hours or work in a physical location 100% of the time? Absolutely not. Would I have been able to do this job if it was my only source of income? Also no. But as a blogging supplement, this is the best of all worlds.

I'm Also Just Ready For Something New

One of the things I love about blogging is that there is always something new to do. Start a new site. Open a new social channel. Work on a new series. Create a new product. Some become a success. Some work for a time. Some don't take off at all. But the number of things you can try is nearly endless.

I often take this view for my personal life as well. I'm always learning a new instrument, practicing a new language, taking a certification class, etc. I really can't sit still as I always want to be engaged and not get complacent with anything in my life.

Naturally, after 16 years of blogging professionally and almost six years of doing it full-time, I am starting to yearn for something new. I've never had a single job this long and never worked in one specific field for this long, too (ironically, I was in school for six years, then in the corporate world for six years, and now blogging full-time for six years).

It really feels like that drive to try something new is pulling me once again.

But I also do not want to leave blogging- don't worry about that in the slightest. Running websites has been something I've been doing for most of my life (I started my first site for fun when I was about 13- roughly 25 years ago), and I don't intend to change that now. In fact, as previously mentioned, I'm taking on part-time work precisely so I don't have to change how I go about blogging and that is an important distinction.

Still, I feel the drive to try something new all the same, and I'm excited for what the future holds.

Have you taken on a part-time job to supplement your blog? Why did you do so? Comment below to share!

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