Black Friday Deals for Bloggers in 2022 – A Wealth of Savings

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by Jeremy

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The weekend of Black Friday through Cyber Monday is one of our favorite times of the year to be a blogger.

First, many bloggers (especially those with US-based audiences) are expected to see a surge in digital advertising spending over the course of the weekend (Jeremy's record was just under $80 in 2021 which he hopes to topple this year). Second, and more importantly for this article, there are a ton of deals available for bloggers who wish to upgrade their sites!

We've scoured the internet to find some of the best deals bloggers may be interested in and have put together this great guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for bloggers in 2022.

Please note: We will be frequently updating this guide over the course of the holiday weekend to capture new deals as they go live. As such, check back regularly as new deals may be added. We did our best to find all applicable terms and conditions when finding these deals, but note that a few were lacking in definitive end dates and all discount terms should be reviewed prior to purchase. Likewise, keep in mind that in many cases Black Friday deals are often for new subscribers in the first sale only. Those that require annual renewals may revert back to the original rate and that is worth confirming prior to your subscription end date.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Bloggers in 2022

The following are some of the best deals we've found for bloggers over Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022. The sections are organized to include hosting offers, WordPress themes and plugins, courses and e-books, conferences, and miscellaneous 3rd party products.

While there may be more blogging deals out there for products and services, we have also opted to keep this list primarily based on services we know, use, and recognize as quality (or, in some cases, value). For some services we do not have as great of an experience with, we will note that in the description.

Domains & Hosting

Bluehost – In need of a budget server? Bluehost is offering discounts of up to 75% off for new users with rates as low as $2.95/month (note discounts may be variable for 12 and 36-month terms). We expect this discount to run through Black Friday.

Siteground – Another budget server is offering up to 86% off packages, as low as $1.99/month. We are unsure when this deal will end.

Namecheap – Domain registrar namecheap is advertising discounts of up to 97% off for new domains; however, traditional .com domains may not be discounted as much. This promotion will be running only on Black Friday.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

GeneratePress – GeneratePress is having a Black Friday sale for up to 25% off licenses. At this time we are unsure of the expiration date on this one, so act fast if you're keen.

WP Rocket – The WordPress caching plugin WP Rocket is offering 30% off licenses from November 21st to 26th for new sign-ups. This one does wonders for our sites!

Pretty Links Pro– The link masking/forwarding plugin Pretty Links Pro is offering up to 65% off their annual packages through Black Friday. We use this one to curate our affiliate links in one global dashboard while masking ugly links. (Note: Some services, like Amazon, do not allow link cloaking.)

Rank Math – Our preferred WordPress SEO plugin is offering a mega sale for up to 60% off with a wealth of extra discounts for 3rd party programs that could really help supercharge your blog. While we admit the free version works great for us, this is a solid deal if you wanted to upgrade.

WP Forms – The embeddable forms plugin, aptly named WP Forms, is having a sale through Black Friday for 50%-70% off all licenses. This is normally fairly expensive on its own but the discount may be a bit more alluring for those who want more functionality.

Courses / E-Books

Udemy – More courses are on sale on Udemy this weekend with varying terms and end dates. Give a look to see what interests you!

Teachable – Considering creating a course? Teachable is offering some pretty great discounts for creators through November 28th.

Misc Products

Keysearch – Our favorite keyword research tool service is bringing back its popular 40% off sale for Black Friday by using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY. We are unsure when this one will end.

OptinMonster – Popup form producer OptinMonster is having a monster Black Friday sale with discounts upwards of 60% off through the end of Friday.

Mailerlite – Our favorite newsletter service, Mailerlite, is offering 25-33% off annual plans for users who switch from Classic to the “new” Mailerlite interface.

GroupLeads – The Facebook group bulk invite Chrome extension, GroupLeads, is having a promotion for existing members to upgrade their account at a cheaper rate. This was sent out to current users via an email. At this time we are not sure if a public Black Friday sale will happen for everyone else.

LastPass – The password saving tool, LastPass, is offering 25% off premium plans through Monday.

Carbonite – The computer backup service, Carbonite, is offering 60% off plans for new members. This offer is live through November 25th.

AppSumo – They're having deals on many blogging products with some really serious discounts – our favorite being for Deposit Photos (below)! The end dates are variable for the many products.

Deposit Photos – One of our favorite sales every year is for stock photos on Deposit Photos. This year they're offering 100 stock photos for just $39 via AppSumo which is a stellar deal. Jeremy bought two again in 2022.

Teachable – If you are thinking of creating a course, Teachable is offering plans at up to 35% off.

Adobe – Adobe is offering over 25% off their Creative Cloud All Apps bundle through November 25th. Admittedly, this one is still quite expensive to us but you may find it a deal if you use a number of their products!

Finally, if you're in need of upgrading your tech, Amazon will be having some massive sales throughout the week, too.

We plan on updating this guide as we find more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for bloggers that you may be interested in so check back throughout the week to see what else we find!

Have you heard about a deal we have not featured yet? Comment below to share!

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