A Detailed List of WordPress Plugins that Put Page Speed First

How to Get a Fast Website with Wordpress Plugins

One of the reasons we love blogging on WordPress so much is that the content management system is open source. Want a new theme? There are hundreds if not thousands of developers out there with a product. In the mood for a plugin upgrade? Tens of thousands exist.

While we love this flexibility to always be on the lookout for the next best thing, you can often be met with decision paralysis on what is best for you and why.

To help with that, we wanted to share our list of preferred WordPress plugins that we use and love. As we have prioritized site speed on all of our sites, we are also pretty happy with the below for being lightweight and letting our sites run lightning-fast (but we also have tip our hats to our host, BigScoots, for a bit of that too)!

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Entry Requirements for Popular Blog Advertising Networks

When it comes to blog advertising networks, there are many options to choose from. But not every ad network is created equal, and neither are their requirements for entry.

In this one, we wanted to summarize a few of the most popular networks out there for bloggers, and share a few of the key details you need to know for each of them when it comes to applying.

But first off, we want to talk about your earnings potential when running ads.

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How to See What Keywords Other Sites Rank For with Keysearch

There are a number of novel ways to use the keyword research tool, Keysearch, to improve your SEO game. But sometimes one of the hardest parts of doing research is coming up with keyword ideas in the first place.

One of my favorites features of Keysearch (especially for my local blog where I compete with our tourist office, many local magazines, and news outlets), is that Keysearch actually lets you look at the keywords for any site on the internet- not just your own! This presents a number of opportunities where you can quite literally peer into other sites, find keywords they rank for, and get new ideas on what you may be able to target yourself.

In this guide, I'm going to share a step-by-step process of how you can do just that.

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Changing Policies at Mediavine – An Interview with Amber Bracegirdle

The big news for June 2020 is that Mediavine is changing their minimum session requirement for new bloggers from 25,000 to 50,000 per month. They're also removing their unofficial policy to accept sites as low as 10,000 sessions as well, which caused quite the commotion in the blogging world as many bloggers rushed to create second, niche sites to combat traffic drops due to the coronavirus and associated recession.

We reached out to Mediavine and spoke with Amber Bracegirdle, Mediavine's Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder, to talk about the changes. We discussed what it means for existing publishers and future publishers, and how Mediavine strives to maintain the quality we all know and love within their network!

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3 Free Custom Google Analytics Dashboards to Track Your Performance

One of the things I find a bit frustrating about Google Analytics is that the data they display is all over the place. For the most part every piece of data you'd ever want to have can be found somewhere in the dashboard, but remembering where it is at can be the hardest part.

Thankfully, one of the features Google Analytics offers is Custom Dashboards where you can curate your own reports to have an easier time tracking your data.

Today, we're sharing three of my favorites that I use to monitor the performance of my own blogs.

  • Note: All Custom Dashboards on Google Analytics can be shared via a generated link. We will not have any access to your data if you install these.

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How to Read WebPageTest Results and Improve Your Blog’s Speed

One of our favorite services to look at our blog's site speed is WebPageTest. This free service provides a wealth of data about your site and really lets you dive down into the individual components that make your blog tick.

In running a test, we know that the amount of data returned in this one can cause information overload. To help, we put together this guide featuring some of the most important elements we look at when optimizing our blogs, what they mean, and potential fixes that you can implement on your own blog for speed improvement!

Note: All website owners can run a test on WebPageTest and analyze results, but some of our recommendations below are targeted purely towards WordPress users.

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Using Your Blog as a Platform for Change – An Interview with Carol Cain

We started This Week in Blogging with the idea that it was our duty to cover what was happening in the blogging world week by week. During this past week, of course, we've seen the meteoric rise of the Black Lives Matter movement – a movement that we at This Week in Blogging fervently support.

As we began to write about the movement in this week's newsletter, as well as the coverage of the BLM movement, it quickly became apparent that our voices, as two white males, weren't the ones that needed to be heard at this particular moment. In short, it was easy for us both to recognize that there are so many individuals, particularly bloggers of color, that could speak to how this movement connects to blogging at large better than either of us could.

We are committed to using our platform to highlight that which needs to be highlighted, and understand that sometimes that simply means making space for the right voices to be heard.

In light of that, we reached out to Carol Cain, an award-winning blogger and founder of Girl Gone Travel, as well as Cofounder of Brave World Media to discuss how bloggers can use their platforms to promote positive change in the world.

We're grateful to Carol for taking time to so thoroughly and thoughtfully answer our questions, and we're honoured to use This Week in Blogging to share her thoughts and comments.

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