YouTube Tips for Bloggers with Arienne Parzei

Arienne Parzei talks about YouTube for Bloggers

One of the larger topics that we've yet to really sink our teeth into as of yet on This Week in Blogging is YouTube for bloggers. Obviously, YouTube is a big part of the puzzle for many creators these days, but often creators have questions about how to get started and, even more so, whether it's too late.

Today, we're incredibly fortunate to be joined by someone whose work in videography has garnered her several awards, and growing and devoted subscriber base on YouTube.

I (Chris here) have personally seen how much effort, thought, and care that Arienne pours into her work, and, as such, it's a real honour to have her here today. She's immensely talented, but also has shown incredible dedication in way she has consistently produced quality work over the years. For those who don't know Arienne as well as we do over her, let us tell you a bit more about her.

Arienne Parzei is a writer, photographer, and award-winning travel videographer. She runs the travel blog and YouTube Channel, with a focus on adventure activities and cultural experiences. Her insatiable curiosity for learning about different cultures first-hand has led her to some amazing destinations and experiences, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, living in South Korea for two years, and backpacking for eight months through China, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Through her website & YouTube channel, she has worked with a number of brands and tourism boards including Air Canada Vacations, Germany Tourism, Parks Canada, and Honda Canada. She is also an ambassador for Tourism Toronto, working regularly on social media takeovers and video projects.

Without further adieu, let's get to the meat of the conversation on YouTube for bloggers!

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Patreon Tips for Bloggers with Kate McCulley

Talking Patreon for Bloggers with Kate McCulley, also known as Adventurous Kate

At This Week in Blogging, we feel it's our duty to continue to showcase ways that bloggers can do things a little differently. The truth is, what worked five years ago in blogging probably doesn't work now, and what works now probably won't work in five years.

That's the reality of an ever-evolving and changing industry such as blogging.

It's also the case that if we don't keep our eye on what's changing in the industry, we may get left behind, but that's why we're here, and why we feel fortunate to have so many remarkable experts so willing to share what's working for them.

One topic that we haven't tackled yet is Patreon for bloggers or, in other words, how bloggers and content creators can use Patreon to establish a new revenue and reliable revenue stream.

We've got Kate McCulley here to talk from personal experience about how she's harnessed the power of Patreon.

Kate McCulley has been blogging at for the past 10 years, teaching women how to travel solo safely from Colombia to Lebanon to Antarctica. Kate has traveled to 83 countries and Forbes named her one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers in 2017. Her non-travel obsessions include progressive politics, literature, and cured meats. Originally from the Boston area, Kate now lives in Prague and has recently launched a course into all things Patreon called Earn Like an Artist.

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What You Need to Know About Sponsored Content with Bruno Bornsztein

Bruno Bornszstein, Co-founder of Influence Kit.

Understanding how sponsored content can fit into your content strategy is something all bloggers will eventually address, and especially those bloggers who are growing quickly.

After all, our blogs are a medium, and eventually you're going to find people or companies who want to utilize that medium to share their message. However, even thinking of sponsored content as such can be narrow. More broadly, it's a partnership between two parties who often share a similar vision and audience.

Sponsored content, if done correctly, isn't a sales pitch to readers as much as its an answer to a pain point that both the brand and blogger feel can be solved for an audience.

And, it's also definitely not saying yes to those random emails you get where someone basically suggests you should input a link to a casino or something else and effectively tarnish your reputation. With all that said, we do interviews over at This Week in Blogging to give experts a chance to shine, so we'll step back here and let this week's expert do the talking.

Today's expert is Bruno Bornsztein, and he's the Co-founder of InfluenceKit, a tool that helps content creators plan, measure, and grow. Before InfluenceKit, he was the publisher of two blogs, and worked as a blogger full-time for more than 10 years. He's excited to connect with the This Week in Blogging audience and (hopefully) share some helpful tips from my experience.

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Finding Blog Content Ideas with Jeremy Jones

Your Blog Should Age Like a Fine Wine

If there's one thing we don't want to become here at This Week in Blogging, it's predictable. And that's why this week, our expert interview will be conducted by me (Chris), and will actually feature none other than the other half of TWIB, Jeremy Jones.

The two of us were chatting about who we'd like to come on the site and newsletter as it related to talking about finding new blog content ideas, and we realized that Jeremy is uniquely suited to talk about this as he runs five blogs in several niches.

So we went with it, and I'd like to think that this will end up being a very useful article for our readers and subscribers.

Slowly but surely, we're building out our base of content with interviews on everything from brand partnerships for bloggers to self-publishing a book. But today, as I alluded to, we're going to dive into ways to brainstorm new content ideas that can take your blogging game to the next level – and we'll also touch a bit upon content strategy to boot.

As always, we hope this will be helpful for you!

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Brand Partnership Best Practices for Bloggers with Bex Shapiro

Bex Shapiro from Intrepid Travel on working with Bloggers

Our interviews have featured a lot of folks from the blogging side of things lately, and so we wanted to turn the tables a little and chat with someone from the brand side. That being said, it'd be a mistake to paint our guest today, Bex Shapiro, with too narrow a brush.

She's currently working for a company/brand, it's true, but she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to content creation, including an impressive freelance writing repertoire. The other reason it'd be a mistake to simply note that Bex is “from a brand” and plainly leave it at that is because we know few people who are involved with so many different things, while simultaneously pulling it all off so seamlessly.

Bex is a force to be reckoned with in the best possible way, and if we had to place a bet on her likelihood of continued success moving forward, we'd be all in. She's basically a modern day renaissance woman.

With that said, we'll formally welcome Bex, and step back from the flattery for a moment to objectively let you know why she's someone to listen to when it comes to the topic of how content creators and bloggers can think about working with brands.

Bex Shapiro is the Senior Editorial Manager at Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest adventure travel company and industry leader in responsible tourism. In this role she partners with content creators aligned with Intrepid’s passion for travel as a force for good. When she’s not managing blog and social content at work, the Vancouver-based Brit dabbles in communications consultancy, public speaking, and freelance writing. She has been published in The Guardian, VICE, ELLE, and The Huffington Post and is currently undertaking climate activism training through The Climate Reality Project.

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Self-Publishing a Book as a Blogger with Jen Ruiz

Jen Ruiz sits down to talk about self-publishing a book.

It's a real pleasure to be joined today by the prolific Jen Ruiz, a blogger and author who has 4 books under her belt, but is aiming to have 20 or so books when all is said and done.

She's a shining example in the blogging industry of someone who understood exactly what her readership and the public at large was looking for, and then began to fill those needs. That may sound easy enough, but, as many bloggers will know, it can be all too easy to just do what we've always done, and stay in one comfortable lane.

And that's why it's good to have someone like Jen as an example. She decided to simply go for it in terms of self-publishing, and implicitly understood that she'd learn what she needed to on the fly. She's done exactly that, and that's why we're fortunate that she's taking the time to sit down with us and share some of that knowledge.

So what's Jen's story, anyhow?

Jen Ruiz is a lawyer turned travel blogger and author. In 2017, she set out to take 12 trips in 12 months while employed full-time before her 30th birthday. She ended up taking 20 trips, writing a book and stumbling on a new career path. Jen is a #1 Amazon bestseller and Readers' Favorite Award winner. She is also a TEDx speaker and has been featured by The Washington Post, Huffington Post and ABC News. Jen documents her adventures on her website, Jen on a Jet Plane, where she helps young professionals travel for less and experience more. You can find her across all social media at @jenonajetplane.

Alright, let's get to it.

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Podcasting Tips for Bloggers with Danielle Desir

Podcasting tips for bloggers with Danielle Desir

This week, we're thrilled to to welcome the words of Danielle Desir, a blogger who has created and effectively leveraged her podcast in a way that has downright inspired us. We usually write the intro, but this time she's going to take it from here. We're chatting, fittingly, about podcasting tips for bloggers. So, if you've been playing with the idea of starting a podcast, then this one is for you. 

Hey there, I’m Danielle Desir. I’m an author, affordable travel and personal finance blogger and podcaster. Over on The Thought Card, I empower financially savvy travelers to make more informed financial decisions – travel more, pay off debt, and build wealth. 

I am also the founder of WOC (Women of Color) Podcasters – a blog, community and membership dedicated to amplifying the voices of women of color podcasters and audio creators around the world. With over 3,500 members on Facebook, we offer an inclusive space for women of color to connect, learn, and share podcasting resources. 

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Photography Tips for Bloggers with Kevin Wagar


When we were debating who might want to wax lyrical on photography tips for bloggers, the name Kevin Wagar immediately came to mind.

For those who don't know, Kevin Wagar is a professional photographer, videographer, and travel writer based out of Brampton, Ontario. He got his career started in digital marketing and advertising where he photographed commercial and brand shoots for corporate clients including Microsoft, Google, Apple, and more.

Kevin now works full-time as a travel content creator and has partnered with companies such as the Lonely Planet, Matador Network, Movenpick, and more. Kevin’s primary outlets are his website Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel, and Ultimate Ontario.

We'd recommend that if you'd like to see his work, you head on over to Instagram and follow @wanderingwagars. We humbly thank Kevin again for his time, and for offering some fabulous advice below that we know will be invaluable to our readers and subscribers.

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What You Need to Know About Pinterest for Bloggers with Stephanie Mayo

Pinterest for Bloggers with Stephanie Mayo

In our quest to cover pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to aiding bloggers with content creation and social media strategy, we've turned out attention to Pinterest.

It was inevitable, right?

Anyway, today we're extremely fortunate to be joined by Pinterest guru Stephanie Mayo who runs the Pinterest account (and website), “The World As I See It,” which regularly amasses nearly 600 thousand monthly viewers. She's also a well regarded Pinterest Virtual Assistant who definitely has her finger on the pulse of what is and isn't working these days with Pinterest.

Here at This Week in Blogging, we're very grateful that she took the time to sit down with us, and let us just say that we're awfully happy we reached out because she delivered big time.  

We're thrilled to share this article jam-packed with her thoughts on Pinterest best practices, and all things to consider when looking at Pinterest for bloggers.

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Combatting Blogger Burnout with Scott and Megan from Bobo and ChiChi

A conversation about blogger burnout with scott and megan with Bobo and ChiChi

The first thing that we should note here is that the title doesn't do enough to full encompass all that we cover in this conversation. Sure, a major focus is on blogger burnout, but Megan also took the time here to bring this in a lot of other meaningful directions. I can't thank her enough for her thoughtful responses and honesty, and I'm sure that so many other bloggers and content creators are going to resonate with her words.

The title also doesn't necessarily do this article justice because Scott and Megan are a lot more than just one of their websites, Bobo and ChiChi. As you'll read, they've now got multiple websites, and freelance work that ranges from photography and videography to marketing and strategy.

Having had the pleasure to get to know Scott and Megan personally over the past few years, and to work with them on several occasions, I can't help but sing their praises. As many of us in blogging probably know by now, there are people in this industry who have sky high egos. But, you won't find that with this duo – they're just about the kindest and most humble folks you'll come across.

With all that said, we're thrilled to host this important conversation over here at This Week in Blogging.

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